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Default Really confused! What home cinema speakers do I need for x-fi?

So, I have my PC connected via dvi to the hdtv. Currently audio is handled using the 3.5mm analog connection from the x-fi to the 3.5mm pc input on the tv. I want some 5.1 speakers because I don't like the built in HDTV speakers.

I just want the simplest/most likely to work method. I believe I need to connect either the 3.5mm digital flexijack or the 3x3.5mm analogues to a dolby decoder/receiver.

But I can't decide if its a decoder or a receiver I need (most articles I read appear to use these names interchangeably). I thought the x-fi had a built in decoder but I don't even have the decoder tab in audio console which is clearly shown on creatives website:

I also read that if you use the analogue connectors, the x-fi automatically does the decoding... does this mean if I go analogue I can't use a decoder?

Can anyone help?
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