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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Vizio's 42-inch 1080 LCD was going for $999 at Costco (with a $200 rebate). We compared and studied the images of comparable Sony and Sharp models, which may have been higher quality, but I was not disappointed with the Vizio model once I set it up at home.

I was skeptical at the store though as the display model was facing the main entrance and receiving more light than the other models. The display model was also one aisle over, where the Sony and Sharp were next to one another.

In the past I may have purchased the Sony, but this time I ended up saving a lot of money and received an affordable and quality 1080 LCD TV.

Vizio seems to have a good product on its hands and must be taking some of the business away from the big guys.

Pictures were taken with a Canon PowerShot G3.

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