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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

@ MikeC - Woot! I bought this TV as well...I searched for about 3 months before I stumbled on this one and am glad I did due to the money savings...Blu-Ray, PS3, Wii, HDTV...Everything looks awesome. I made a post about the TV right around when they came out/went on sale with coupon...Congrats on a great TV (so far! )

**EDIT** Your PC pics are great...I bought an DVI->HDMI cable, but havn't tried it yet...What are you using for a connection? I ask because some people over at AVS Forum were reporting blurry text using DVI->HDMI @ 1920x1280. If your running at 1080, I'll link your post over on the Vizio VU thread over there...Some people posted pictures of being successful, but thier pics didn't turn out nearly as well as yours...

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