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Default Re: The Darkness Review

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Well I have noticed in multiple cross platform games that if the X360 lacked one thing when comparing to the PS3 it was in contrast and brightness, the X360 alot of the times is off for some reason.

I think its due to each game having their own brightness and contrast profile rather then using a system default like the PS3 seems to have.
Must be kidding, every cross platform game so far has looked and played better on the 360 in some way.

As for the lighting, awhile ago I would have agreed, but since the update for VGA the 360 has come into it's own.

Why is it hard to accept that the 360 version of The Darkness is better than the PS3s ?

One point I will agree on, I do tend to faff around with brightness and contrast settings to suit each particular game.
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