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Default Re: Demo with dual render: OpenGL/Direct3D9 (benchmark inside)

Originally Posted by abtomat74
I notice your "CPU flags" shows 1000MHz, which is much slower than it should be displaying for your CPU. My X2 4800 shows 2412MHz by comparison. Are you running Cool & Quiet by chance?
I'm running cpufreq/powernowd (with userspace policy governor), which can be thought as a GNU/Linux-equivalent for "Cool & Quiet". I wouldn't pay too much attention to reported CPU clock as it could be read at startup instead of at the end of benchmark. When the demo is just started, the governor has not yet had a reason to increase processor frequency. Normally, the governor would notice increased CPU demand withing one second. It is also possible that the demo is significantly more GPU- than CPU-bound, and the CPU clock frequency never needs to be brought up.

Thanks anyway.
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