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Default Re: Will we ever see an amd64 NVidia driver for FreeBSD?

Ok... there are problems with the interface presented for the driver... we've got it. Now, rather then a finger-pointing session.. Which this has turned into. Can we fix it? More importantly, is there something "special" about the AMD64bit architecture that makes this more important? Since the 32bit drivers have been out for forever, and should have the exact same issues?

You seem to be worried about performance... well... put it to you this way, performance RIGHT NOW is far from optimal, I don't see the harm in improving THAT for the interim, provisionally, with an "alpha" or "don't look into remaining eye" driver. That covers your butts and gives us what we are asking for.

Given there is the 32bit driver _ALREADY_ it also doesn't seem to be asking for that much in development time.

To put it yet another way, I recently speced out 4 new machines, into these machines I put ATI cards... why? Because even with their complete lack of OS support (or one may say because of it), they have better drivers. I am about to recommend that we replace ALL of our NV cards. I think its beginning to make sense for other people to consider doing the same.
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