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Thanks again for your time.

I won't continue about my sound card on this forum, after this reply. This forum is supposed to be dedicated to nVIDIA and I apologize to the members for this abberation.

My sound card is rather different and obscure. It is a so called "OEM" version (model CT0200) The EMU10K1 definately will not drive it, because this card carries a different chip set than the usual SB Live! cards.

There is only one commercially available binary Linux driver that I know about for this card.

It is sold by I trust this driver will work as soon as I got a missing cable for connecting my CD drive to the sound card. You don't need this cable for Windoze. But you do need it for Linux.

DELL did not bother to install this cable, as they seem to assume the whole world belongs to M$.

Again, thank's for your support and your kind attention.

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