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Default Geforce 6800 AGP voltage

I am unsure, if the Geforce 6800 AGP GPU runs in a 3.3 V only AGP mainboards. I know, there are older 6800 GPUs with a native AGP interface and newer ones with a PCIe/AGP bridge. The latter does not run in a old 3.3 V only AGP mainboard, because the PCIe/AGP bridge does not support that voltage.

But I have never seen a Geforce 6800 graphics card keyed for 3.3 V (AGP universal). Even the older boards without the PCIE/AGP bridge have only one notch and fit only into AGP 1.5 V capable mainboards.

My question is: Does the older Geforce 6800 GPU with the native AGP interface work in old 3.3 V AGP Mainboards? Or would such mainboards burn out?
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