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Default Re: 7400 GO blank screen!

OK, I installed it again with the restricted-modules-common package uninstalled, with some different results. I did nvidia-installer --uninstall, then reinstalled the drivers. This time after starting X, the X server crashed with several errors, hopefully something we can work with. At least its not a blank screen with no errors! Attached are the new logs and configuration file.

On a side note, I forgot to mention that whenever I run the driver install program, it gives me a warning about running it in runlevel 1, when I booted in runlevel 3. I don't know if this is a problem.
Also, something that is odd, is that when I startx as a user, it says I don't have the required priveledges, but when I startx as a superuser it warns me as running X as a priveledged user. I'm a bit confused about this, but I don't think its a problem, as I've just been starting X as a super user for the purposes of these tests.
Edit: yet another problem is that uninstalling the restricted modules package did indeed disable my wireless card. Now that I have installed the correct version of the drivers, would it still be a problem to reinstall this package?
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