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Default integrated geforce 4 problems.

I have searched these forums and not found a solution to my problem so I am posting to ask for help. I have an asus board with the nforce 2 chipset and GeF4 integrated. The last version of the installer that has worked for me is the 8776 release which no longer compiles with the new kernels. The later releases all have a black background on the nvidia splash screen and produce nothing but blackness for some OGL applications. For example, Planeshift, and some of the OGL screensavers typically found in a Linux distribution. Oddly others of the OGL screensavers seem to work fine.

I am currently running Mandriva 10.2 and the 2.6.17-5 kernel but fresh installs of Fedora 7 and Ubuntu with their respectively packaged nvidia kmods (96xx) produced this same effect. I have just installed Slackware 12 and the 8776 module will not compile. It installed by default the vesafb module not even the nv.

Does anyone know if there is an xorg Option to fix the recommended release or a work-around to enable compilation of the 8776 release? I believe the darkness may have something to do with compositing but I lack the expertise to pinpoint it definitively.
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