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Default Re: Connecting a HD DVD player to a home theatre system

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
Another question for you guys, and it kinda fits this thread...What is the difference between "TrueHD" and "PCM" in terms of quality? Below is how my system is set up, and I want to know if it's the best way possible for the products I have. Basically though, what I want to know is, would it be worth me getting a new reciever/speakers just for "TrueHD" audio? I'm pretty damn happy with the way it is now...

TV : Vizio 42" 1080P LCD - Out Via Toslink to Logitech Z5500's
Speakers : (above, Z5500's)
Wii : Component to TV
PS3 : HDMI to TV
Verizon Hi Def DVR : HDMI to TV
Logitech Harmony 720 controlling it all except the wii/ps3...

So, to sum up...Is there a better way to connect what I have? Would it be worth it to buy a new reciever with better speakers? (Keep in mind I'm a bit budget limited atm after the TV, PS3 + 5 games, Wii, etc. so it would be a few months....)

@ rany1977 - Sorry to Hijack :P
I'm not even sure about the TrueHD part, but IMO if you are happy with what you have, it probably isn't worth it to spend a boat load of cash for a small gain. TrueHD probably does sound a little better, but I doubt it would be worth redoing your setup and spending another $600 or more. I also use the Z5500's as my HT speakers and I have been really happy with that setup. They are a great set of speakers. I have the PS3 hooked up to the optical, but I also have an HD-Tuner box, so I ended up buying an optical to coax converter that way I can hook the tuner box up as well.
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