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Default Re: DirectX 10 Titles

Originally Posted by LordJuanlo
Great news indeed. I have this game inside its metalic box and haven't played it since I bought it. I was going to start it next week (during july and august I only work on mornings) but I think I will hold it until the patch is out. BTW I'm still waiting to see numbers of the retail version of Lost Planet, posts on gaming forum seem to confirm that it does run great on DX10, but I want to know how great compared to XP.
Runs very well for me in Vista (DX10) with the (un-released BETA) 162.15 driver, 25-70 fps all maxed exept medium shadow detail and HDR at 1680 x 1050, AA @ CX8Q. Put SD and HDR on full and it's totally un-playable, 8-15 fps ish.

As for XP DX9 compared to Vista DX10, I get similar FPS but the gfx are better in DX10, the close-up detail on the 'Akrid' is ace, as is the motion blur. I've read some people arn't getting the blur but is seem to work on mine.

Might be an idea to wait 'til the driver is re-released though.

It's gonna be interesting to say the least to see how Stalker will do in DX10. Bioshock's only a month or two away too!
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