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Default 7600 GT is NOT identified correctly, possible cause of MASSIVE crashes


I have an XFX 7600GT XXX PCI-e GPU. Currently I am running on the old 87.76 drivers, and they work fine.

However, I have been dealing with a major issue when attempting to upgrade.

The crux of the matter is that about 1 of 50 times the new drivers (100.14.06 to .11) will work. The other 49 I am greeted with massive screen distortion which locks the X server and requires a hard reset if I don't switch to a virtual terminal _before_ the login sequence finishes. Regardless, if I switch to a VT the screen distorts but I am still able to enter commands at the CLI.

I have narrowed the issue down a bit to what I think may be the cause.

I notice that the 1/50 times it woks the card is identified by the driver as G73, however, when it crashes it is identified as G70.

The odd thing is that I can't seem to get any output in the logs that give much of a clue to what is happening. I will attach the bug report you request & some other log files. Also I have started a thread at Gentoo's forums concerning this issue ( ) There I have posted the only other clue besides the mis-identification of the card.

I also have questions concerning a few modules loaded during X initialization.
ramdac: sometimes it loads other times nvidia says it doesn't need it.
wfb: sometimes it loads other times nvidia says it can't load it.

Regardless, this needs to be fixed, whatever the cause. I am a system builder/admin, and I have always recommended nvidia cards. I have many of these cards in other production & mission critical systems, and I am afraid to upgrade due to the issues I am having on the development machine responsible for producing the images for ALL the other machines. These troubles are shaking my belief in your company's ability to produce reliable hardware and drivers. Also I was planning on developing using the CUDA library set & these issues are terribly troubling.

Please, help me to help you and together we can wade through this mess.


M. Summers
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