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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
From what I gather through reading several threads at AVS Forum 1:1 is simply that you get true 1920x1080 with a PC input. If the set does not have 1:1 then you get blurry text. Vizio says both on thier older 47" 1080p and the new 1080p 42" that 1920x1080 can not be achieved with a PC, but they only reference the VGA input...People are having success with 1:1 with both TV's by using an DVI --> HDMI cable. I'll give it a go this weekend when I'll have some time (woot! New job is M-F 7:30-3:30 with school holidays off )
What's really important is having 1:1 pixel mapping without overscan. Some of the newer LCDs are being made with the ability to disable overscanned output in the TV setup menu so you get true edge-to-edge 1920x1080. If your TV doesn't do that then the drivers either need to support a resolution within a resolution or a custom resolution.

For example, my rear projection JVC does 1080p at 1:1 but with overscan, so the outside edges of the desktop are off the screen. If I use the "Resize HDTV Desktop" settings in the NVIDIA drivers it doesn't create a resolution with a resolution, which is what is required to maintain 1:1 pixel mapping. Instead it scales the desktop, which means it tries to squeeze the 1920x1080 image into what is actually a 1824x1026 display resolution. When that happens I don't get true 1:1 mapping and edges get blurry in pictures and text because of the interpolation required. To get around that I modify the nv_disp.inf file to create a custom resolution (only works in Vista, not XP) and it results in a nice, crispy picture.
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