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Default No tv-out before X


I have a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 graphic card in a media center pc (Debian Etch amd64, official kernel, nvidia drivers 100.14.11) where the only display is the tv set connected to the s-video out.

The problem is that when I turn on the pc nothing is displayed on the tv until X is started, when the nvidia drivers are loaded. So I can't see the bios screen, I can't enter the bios setup, I can't see the text console in Linux and I don't know what's happening if for some reason X can't be started (perhaps when e2fsck is checking my filesystems..).

Actually in file /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/html/chapter-16.html
I can read:
"If a TV is the only display device connected to your graphics card, it will be used as the primary display when you boot your system (i.e. the console will come up on the TV just as if it were a CRT)."
This is not true for me...

I've tried adding one 75 ohm resistor in parallel with the luminance out and another one with the chrominance out, just to be sure that the output were correctly terminated (and perhaps the tv-out recognized at boot time) but the problem remains.

I don't want to add a vga monitor every time I need to see the bios and/or the console.

Is there a way to enable tv-out for all the video modes, just as the vga out normally does?
Perhaps changing/hacking the videocard bios?
Maybe is there some option that I can pass to modprobe when loading nvidia module so that at least I can see the console (entering the bios is less frequently needed)?

Thanks for answering.
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