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Default WoW Freezes in Vista? (680i + 8800GTS)

I have a HD just for games. WoW has been sitting there for a long time. I actually did load the expansion pack though.

Since it's been sitting there I upgraded to Vista when it came out. I thought I'd give WoW a look again and patched it up. The patcher and WoW itself didn't seem to care that it wasn't actually "installed". I guess that could be my problem, but I don't really see exactly how. Non-Installed games seem to either work, or they're missing a registrey entry (like UT2004's serial key which is stored in the registry) and don't work at all.

After patching.............

Two crashes right away, Both of these were screen system freezes that required hard reboots.
1) First time it loaded
2) 2nd try: Worked 30 minutes and crashed in the middle of a griff flight

Hardware (which played WoW fine under XP months ago)
EVGA 680i
E6600 @ 3.4Ghz
4GB DDR2 800, 4-4-4-12, Patriot
Antec 900 Gaming case (for 200mm chimeny cooling fun)

I have the newest 8800GTS drivers installed. I also have the newest 680i chipset drivers installed (which are freaking 6 months old now - thanks NVIDIA).

Either WoW doesn't like Vista or there's something off about WoW not being truely "installed".

I'm not looking forward to pushing 8 CD's through to reinstall WoW from scratch. I'm not sure what to do. And, I really don't want to leave Vista. I really do like it.

Anyone been playing WoW fine on Vista (espically with a 680i board)? Thanks
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