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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

If you are looking for a highly authentic simulation experience it doesn't get any more real than this plane. Take a look at the sample features list, which is only about 1/4 of the full list found at the link below.,D10513

o Panels and instruments may be damaged by hard landings.
o All automatic circuit breakers and circuit breakers work.
o Instruments may be inaccurate, needles may be influenced by vibrations, g-forces or disorders.
o Attitude indicator and compass card are driven electrically and have to be aligned / calibrated. The compass card will start to rotate for several minutes if electricity has been cut.
o The glass of the vertical speed indicator may be broken.
o Junghans chronograph with windup mechanism and timer.
o Avionics may be damaged if avionics master switch is not turned off during engine start and engine shut down.
o Engine must be primed.
o Engine prime can lead to have too much fuel in the starter system.
o Engine starter can get overheated and damaged.
o Cowl Flap produces drag according to its setting.
o Engine cooling is influenced by angle of attack and propeller revolutions.
o Engine fires can occur.
o Fire extinguisher can get exhausted.
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