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Default Information about the 6800XT

Hi, I currently have a fairly old system (P4 2,4GHz, 1.2 GB RAM, AGP 4x, GeForce 4 MX) and since I'm not planning to buy a new computer until next week, I really want to buy a new graphic card. I want the best thing I can get for this computer, not something too overkill that the cpu or the AGP 4X bus will bottleneck.

I have this on mind. Planning to buy in a a month.

But there are some problems. In the newegg page it says it supports AGP4X/8X, but in Biostar's site it says AGP 8X. Also, it doesn't say anything about the power supply, I currently have a 400W (well, it says Output: 400W).

Any info on this, or any other card you recommend please post it. I really want to toss this geforce4 out the window.
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