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Default Re: WoW Freezes in Vista? (680i + 8800GTS)

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
WoW doesn't need to be installed to run. I run it off a portable HD that I take many different places with no issues at all.

Also, WoW may not look like it, but it is one of the most stressful games you can run. I had a higher overclock on a system before and it ran everything fine except WoW had major issues. I lowered the clock and the problems went away. You should try setting everything to default and giving it another go.
WoW stressful? Ah come on.
EQ2 is stressful. Titan Quest is stressful. F.E.A.R was somewhat stressful. WoW is a kiddie walk in the park. Only one core is being used and not even at max load. And my 8800GTS wasn't getting anywhere near to the temps Titan Quest can put on it. Actually Titan Quest owns my systems world record for 8800GTS heating.

I did get a hit on another site though - apparently without the registry entries from a real install WoW can cause crashes in Vista for some reason. There's a fix supposedly on the official WoW forums for this.
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