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Default hard freeze during xorg startup

hi guys,
i am trying to run xorg on a freebsd 6.2 box with a geforce 7900gs attached.

the problem is, that the box totally freezes after startup of x(no ssh login, .. possible), so i get no logfiles or anything else, that would help.

the configuration of xorg.conf is fine(tested on several boxes), i also installed the latest freebsd driver (100.14.11, manually adapted paths in the installer), after trying to run it with the one from the ports collection.

i read several postings in bbs, groups, etc. but no one of the suggested tips(upgrading bios, deinstalling libGL from the ports, disabling smp in kernel,..) did help out.

so i am hoping that probably in here someone can help me.
any advise appreciated :-)

thx in advance,
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