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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by xdaishanx
In it and other games - easy choice also

I make plenty of $$$ and it lets me skip any boring , farming for money , part of any of the games

My time is worth much more to me -
Same here...

I love raiding, hate.... hate..... hate.. farming all day for pots and other consumables.

I had 16k gold that I farmed myself, at the time BC launched. Didn't really buy anything except my epic flying mount.. It lasted me quite a while, but ran out a month or so ago, i farmed my own raid mats for a few weeks.. but finally broke down and bought some a few weeks ago. I just can't stand mindless farming anymore.

It's easy for me to justify it.. I made a small fortune selling EQ plat back in the day.
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