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Default Anyone played a good MMO, recently?

I mean, really good? It seems all the usual mmo's have been crap lately, or have got old and boring. I used to play WoW, had a warlock at the top of the end game, decked out, but it just became a chore to play, since the only things left at that point were long, pain in the ass raids, and a pvp treadmill.

I tried EQ2, that game seems like it was designed to be a timesink treadmill, I can't hardly stand it.

Horizons showed promise but then some morons got ahold of it and ruined it.

Vanguard suffered the same fate, looks like its going down.

Dark and Light looked good, then crash and burn.

Age of Conan is showing promise, but the vids I saw today make the combat looks kinda weak, and it looks choppy and buggy. I guess its still beta so we'll see.

Hero's Journey looks kind interesting, though the developer isn't super loaded and it isn't being promoted a lot so it might end up in the crapper as well.

Is there any MMO out now or coming out this year that anyone is really looking forward to, or really likes? Seems like its all the same crap at the moment...
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