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Default Re: Problem with XFX 6800 LE

Originally Posted by Nizzle
I bought it new..
it has worked fine until just a couple of weeks ago

the Windows thing was XP with the drivers disk that I got with the card.. which did always worked just fine before.. even on Vista once..

on Linux it also worked fine until a while ago then I tried pretty much all drivers and still nothing..

on Solaris I only tried one driver and then quit solaris cos my vid card wasn't the only thing that didn't work and I was lazy

for the windows I didn't have to remove all drivers because it was a fresh install.. am full time ubuntu here but since I had them issues I decided to try dual boot for gaming then.. that's pretty much when I figured it should be the card cos the drivers have always worked..
Ok, so what was the last change you made a couple of weeks ago, ie, just before everything stopped working properly ?

And easiest way to prove if vga card or computer has fault, is to try the 6800le in another computer, or another card in your setup ?

Maybe your cpu/mobo overclock is a bit unstable, or something wrong with your windows installation ?

Can you boot into windows SAFE mode, and if so then maybe problem is with mobo device, or windows startup, drivers ---> since some of that is what gets bypassed when booting into safe mode ?

And if you can boot into safe mode, then try reinstalling vga drivers in safe mode !

With all your playing around with different O/S multiboots, including different vga drivers for each O/S, your problem could lie almost anywhere ---> even possibly as simple as your booting menu trying to boot wrong partition ?

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