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Default Re: Information about the 6800XT

Originally Posted by BigE4u
Just curious, what parts will your newer system consist of(cpu/mem/etc) and do you plan on using that 6800XT with your newer system or just keep it with the old one?

About that 400w psu, unless its a quality made unit(psu that came with case doesnt qualify), dont play with fire, plan on buying a new one.

Clean and stable power is a must for todays systems, so buying a quality name brand power supply by the likes of Enermax/OCZ/Xclio/Antec is the smarter choice and will last you along time.
I have a 6800XT/LE AGP 128MB which I like a lot, and even without overclocking its still a very decent card. It can't run anything at max details now, but it still simply can run anything.

With the rig you have, I'd forget about overclocking, since you'll be going from slow to almost as slow. That 6800XT is going to be an easy 4 to 8 times faster than your Geforce4MX, with added support for every current game. Good cheap choice. The power draw is pretty low too, I would say you're fine with a 400W, but don't OC and have good case airflow, heat impacts on a PSU's performance too!
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