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Default Re: Best Driver for TNT2 64?

Originally Posted by oneils
Hi, I installed a TNT2 64 card on an old computer of mine. I tried to install 91.31, but the nvidia setup said that it is incompatible with hardware. So I installed an old driver I had lying around (66.93).

What would be the best drive to use for this card?

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

If your planning on NOT playing anything new, try the OLD 28.32's. I had a mx400 way back in the day, and those unofficial 28.32's ran the best without any choppiness, as if v-sync was on.

If you want, I still have those exact drivers on backup somewheres.

I used 41.09's with the g3's and my g4 ti 4600. currently, running 71.81's with it.

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