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Default Re: Information about the 6800XT

Just curious, what parts will your newer system consist of(cpu/mem/etc) and do you plan on using that 6800XT with your newer system or just keep it with the old one?
Haven't really dig into that yet, but I'm not planning to reuse this card. After all, my current computer will go to my sister. I do plan to get the best I can for $1000 -$1500 though. But it won't be until next year.

For a 68xxxx series card it's generally recommended that the PSU have a +12v rating of around 15-20 Amps ---> and I mean real RMS amps. The PSU is the heart of the computer, so always important to go for best quality version you can afford ?
I'm not sure, but I think it is a generic psu. I'll have to buy a psu, a power splitter (it's the same 4 pin connector that hard disk drives have right?) and maybe 2 fans, since the only 2 fans in my computer are the one from psu and the other is for the cpu.
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