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I had a bit of a frustrating time installing the nvnet drivers onto my new Shuttle (sn41g2) this weekend. I got it to work though after a bit of hair-pulling. SuSE 8.2 Personal edition.

Note that this is from memory, and I don't have access to my machine right now. Forgive my spelling or if something is slightly off.

The rpm from nVidia's site didn't work because it is compiled for 8.1, and also I have the -athlon version of the kernel installed. So I downloaded the source for the drivers. Problem was that the kernel source didn't install to my machine, and as far as I can tell, those sources aren't included in the personal version of 8.2. So I downloaded and installed the kernel source from SuSE's ftp site.

I tried to follow the instructions that came with nVidia's drivers, but ran into some problems. It looks like they try to instruct you on how to rebuild your entire kernel, but I think that is more for the 7.1 and 7.2 people who are upgrading. So I just tried running the makefile in the nForce (nvidia?) directory that the driver source rpm created. That resulted in a lot of error messages that gave further (incomplete) instruction. If you get this error, do what it says with some additional modifications.

* make a link to your kernel source directory as the error messages indicate

* You have to copy two files from your boot directory into the include directory of the kernel sources. The first one they tell you about, which is vmlinux.version.h. The second file you have to copy is something like vmlinux.modules.h ... I forget the exact name but it is another .h file.

* I had to change a line in one of the source files of the driver. It couldn't find modversions.h to #include, so I commented that line out (and the one above it I think which defined _set_ver() ), and then added #include <linux/makesetver.h> instead. I think that's the right path.. it's the same as the commented out line.

Then I was able to compile the nvnet driver without problem. I made the appropriate changes to modules.conf as well, by adding "alias eth0 nvnet", etc. Actually when I had tried installing the binary rpms it had made those changes for me, and so I left them there.

I did get some warnings about trying to compile the nvaudio driver, and it never did compile all the way. Something about patches being applied. I didn't really look into the problem, since I was just happy to have the ethernet working! Also sound had been working on my system even before I tried installing the nForce drivers, so I figure why mess with it if it isn't broken.

Anyways, hope this info helps others out there. And if you notice something I did horribly wrong, please let me know. (^_^)

Michael Duffy
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