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Both companies admitted to "cheating" and after reading the whole statement from ATI (4 days ago) they had optimized certain shader portions of their drivers, not just for 3DMark2K3, but also for any game that uses those shaders.

I don't believe that your comment was fair to ATI, who merely tweaked their drivers for an additional 1.9% change in performance, whilst Nvidia tweaked theirs to 'detect' 2K3 and provide over 20% boost in performance by using C++ workarounds. 1.9% is miniscule, 20% is blatant.

Now I know this site is called "nV News", but had always considered it a place where things weren't so "fanboyish". You are entitled to your opinions volt, but I think your statement will give n00bs that don't necessarily understand the history of both companies a false impression of the situation. News/rumors online are an imperfect business and can cause many people to get pretty enraged over things that they really have no control over.

ATI has done alot to get past their days of being "plagued" by bad drivers, I commend ATI for their hard work, and I believe that nVidia needs to start waking up to the fact that they have some real competition now.

I personally cannot wait for NV40 vs. R400, will be interesting to see what the companies pull out of their hats, lets just hope its not "driver cheats".
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