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Default Re: Suggest some benchmarks?

Originally Posted by SH64
Lost Planet demo has a good benchmarking utility for both your CPU & GPU.
Thank you, I'm downloading that now. This 363Mb download will take a while.

FEAR is very cheap now its on re-release ,Why dont you own it ?
If both the single and multiplayer demos show black screens on my computer, I'm not going to risk having to pay in order to see that same black screen. I'm sure there are plenty of other benchmarks out there anyway.

Im also assuminig the free version of fraps runs useable benchmarks for all games, Iv never used the thing
You can use FRAPS to benchmark in games but it's not very reliable since it's completely human controlled and hence can't be exactly repeated. I can't reliably compare my laptop to my desktop this way.

the LP demo was a good benchmarker, but 3dmark06 will always be my preferred program.
3DMark is meant to be an indicator of how good graphic cards are at playing games but it doesn't seem to do that, at least not anymore. The mobile 8600gt scores ~18% higher in 3DMark06 than my desktop 7600gt for example (with all other components being very comparable) and yet they perform equally in actual gaming situations. With a massive variability of 18%, or maybe even greater, 3DMark ceases to be reliable or accurate in my view.
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