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Default Re: Information about the 6800XT

Originally Posted by Daneel Olivaw
I have a 6800XT/LE AGP 128MB which I like a lot, and even without overclocking its still a very decent card. It can't run anything at max details now, but it still simply can run anything.

With the rig you have, I'd forget about overclocking, since you'll be going from slow to almost as slow. That 6800XT is going to be an easy 4 to 8 times faster than your Geforce4MX, with added support for every current game. Good cheap choice. The power draw is pretty low too, I would say you're fine with a 400W, but don't OC and have good case airflow, heat impacts on a PSU's performance too!
Hi Daneel, still obviously doing the rounds then !

It would actually be a lot better if umanzor was going for one of the old 6800LE's because it's default speeds of 325/700 are much better than the 300/533 speeds of the 6800XT being considered ?

The 6800LE also had the advantage that it's pipes could be usually unlocked from default of 8x1,4vp to anything between 12x1,5vp and the full 16x1,6vp level of a 6800gt. And it overclocked like hell, eg, my old 6800le still runs fine at 425/900 !

However the card in question is not a 6800le as I know it, so unlikely to provide any real performance, unless heavily overclocked above it's default 300/533 ---> if that's actually possible?


The 6800xt at the link below would be a much better bet since it's default speeds are 350/800, and it appears to use same NV40 gpu as on original 6800le/nu/gt cards !

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