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Default Re: Petitioning for a BAN.

Originally Posted by Capt. Picard
Wait, you don't understand. I'm actually only saying that we make our feelings heard through a thread of somekind. The ultimate decision will still be with the mods.
The problem with threads of this sort; is that they can easily turn into a flame fest. Take how heated the P&R forum can become. Not withstanding that some people, such as certain 9/11 conspiracy theorists who constantly re-register (who I won't name) can really cause problems; if people started opening up seperate threads in the feedback forum, calling for bannings when disagreement occured, things could become more contentious, rather then less.

Take the number of lawsuites, that can result in counter suites (in courts) for instance, as people having a complaint leveled against them, results in counter complaints. Next thing one knows, people could start opening threads about other members, or complaints of other members, which centers around the side of an argument one agrees with. Not saying anyone in particular would do this, but it could go here. This sorta thing could be like adding fuel to the fire. If we don't care much for people creating forum wars between forums (and we've seen a few), an intra-forum war wouldn't be much better

I can say, that there are times where I have had to consider a banning or /gkick in reality (in WoW, I was promoted to being a guild officer); and at times I have inquired as to what people in general have thought of a particular individual before taking action. In part, because I really don't care to ban or in that case /gkick as a first choice, even when sometimes it is warranted. But if it were to turn nasty, as everyone starts airing their dirty laundry with each other, that would be none the better...
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