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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

No, I wouldn't buy it...

WRT both this, as well as the news item on the front page; it is worth mentioning a few things. If someone does chose to buy it, they do it at their own risk; and the risk is Blizzard banning them.

Various aspects of this, from gold farming, to spamming gold for real money, to impersonating the game (CODing wrapping paper while claiming to be the Argent Dawn, yes this occured on the realm I'm on), are all bannable offences. But as I understand it, Blizzard also reserves the right to ban anyone they might catch for buying gold (not just selling it) as well. Same can go for those, if they're caught buying accounts/characters.

Another aspect that might also be worth mentioning with gold farmers:

- How are they all getting the gold. I've known more then a few people who have had their accounts hacked into, with gold stolen from them. One had 4,200 gold and was saving up for an epic flying mount. Logged in one day, items there, but gold gone. Whether the gold farmers stole it or not, who knows. After he reported this, like 10 other people in guild mentioned they had gold stolen out of their accounts all within a relatively short period of time.

- Gold beggers. People who feel a sense of entitlement, as if the "world owes them". Same people can run into with lazy arse bums in real life; except that no justification for a meal applies in a game. It's some lvl 19 that wants twink gear, and also doesn't care to level cause they not just ask, but demand that a level 70 "rush me and power level me" through, everything. If one declines, the sorta tantrum one gets from a 5 year old "you're mean Wah... I need, gimme my way" type thing.

- But one day I had a lvl 9 gold begger, that before we were done:

lvl 9: I need 5 gold for my skills. Gimme?

me: No! Besides, level 9 skills don't cost any 5 gold.

... lvl 9: I work for this great site called peons for hire. You should visit us and buy some gold. That way when someone like me asks for it, you can give it back to us.

Umm, first off, I didn't say that I didn't have it. I said that I refuse to give it to a begger. Secondly, I'd hardly want to spend my real world money to buy something, to give it back to this dousche. Third, I had come to hate spammers even worse then beggers, when they fricken flooded my screen several times a minute (no joke) without using a mod such as spam sentry to stop them (before the 2.1.0 patch).
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