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Default Howto? : HDTV out

What I want:
Full HDTV output to my TV without affecting my monitor. Or, the ability to switch back and forth between HDTV and my monitor as with the Windows XP-64 driver.

What I can get:

-1280x1024 output simultaneously to my monitor and HDTV.
--Some sort of dual-head configuration added custom by Sax2 that is clearly marked as SuSe specific in my xorg.conf when I use this.

-Poorly scaled (too big), off-center output to my HDTV; appropriate output to my monitor.
--Enable cloned twinview, set COMPOSITE and HD1080i options, resolution at 1920x1080.

-Multiple X screens without crossover. I'll fix the crossover when/if I can the HDTV output to at least look right.
--Use default suggestion from nvidia-settings. Probably a bad idea. Reverts to the default TV-encoding (despite the format being specified).

The twinview should theoretically be easiest to fix. For some reason, the driver rejects the metamode settings "DFP: something, TV: NULL; DFP: NULL, TV: something" and according to my xorg log uses only the "DFP: something, TV: NULL" portion.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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