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Default Re: Tv-out with crt & tv, X crashes


(WW) NVIDIA(1): Option "UseDisplayDevice" requested "TV", but no unused TVs
(WW) NVIDIA(1): are available.
(II) NVIDIA(1): Option "UseDisplayDevice" "TV" converted to "".
(WW) NVIDIA(1): Unable to find any of the requested display device "" in the
(WW) NVIDIA(1): list of available display devices "".
(EE) NVIDIA(1): Unable to find available Display Devices for screen 1.
I have the same problem!!!
I have Geforce 4 Ti4200 (with VIVO) and I use the 9639 driver!
Here is my xorg.conf:

I tried everything what I can but nothin happened, always the same error message, but the strange thing is that the nvtv can display my screen on the TV but I can't configure different resolution to Monitor and TV so I can't use nvtv too.. So the sign from the TV is reach the computer, but I don't how can I reconfigure my xorg.conf file to verify my TV.

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