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Originally posted by Monolyth
Thus far this post has remained pretty calm, I think were all a little fed up with companies (both nVidia and ATI) doing this kind of crap. We pay good money for the products they make, only to hear that the company we just bought it from has been cheating on the drivers for it...

Whatever happened to companies with some simple common sense and integrity? *Sigh* Sorry, I'm just a little miffed at both companies for doing things without even telling anyone. How about we start seeing some detailed changelogs? Sooo many "software" developers release detailed changelogs that make your changelogs look like "Go Dog Go". Any sensible developer releases changelogs even if it is internal only, I would certainly think companies as large as ATI and Nvidia would have such documents.

PS - ATI has been releasing psuedo-changelogs with their latest CAT drivers, I have yet to see even a pseudo-changelog from nVidia.
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