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Speaking of history, I'm sure everyone remembers the Quake 3 / Quack 3 optimizations that ATI did, of course that was back in the 8500 days.

And volt for god sakes your only fanning the flames in here, if you really want to start a cool flame war atleast make it about something that we all care taffy or something. Atleast you can eat that, cause thus far I can't swallow all the Anti-ATI crap going around, when nVidia was the one that truly cheated. ATI had zero...ZERO "3DMark2K3 specific" code, so don't try to sell me on the point that ATI "cheated", I had been a serious fanboy of nVidia and AMD for a long time, now that I'm running ATI and Intel, I will tell you it's stupid choosing sides.
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