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Originally posted by Morrow
no, Cg is not an optimization kit or whatever you want to call it. Far from that. Cg is a tool to develop high-quality shader using high-level language, but you can't optimize your game, read: your games won't run faster when using Cg
Fact: Cg is a compiler for shader programs which optimizes shader code for nvidia GPUs. It can also output standard shader code that should run on every GPU. It is a high level language that compiles to optimized DX9 code of optimized OGL code.

Opinion: It seems obvious that nvidia created Cg not to quicken and make easier the adoption of shaders, but to optimize shaders for nvidia hardware, which has been proven to need tweaking to run well as compared to using standards(DX9 and non-proprietary extensions in OGL). Note that there is no dubugging feature in Cg AFAIK...something I'm sure would benefit coders. So either nvidia's purpose was never to make shader coding in general easier(its purpose is to make creating nvidia optimized shaders easier), or else this dream was poorly realized
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