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Default Re: The Darkness Review

Originally Posted by Mathesar
And yet another reason im still in the CRT camp, a lack of vsync has far less screen tearing effects vs. an LCD etc. due to the way the screen is refreshed by each technology. (anyone with a crt & lcd side by side can test this theory and see for themselves.) I havent noticed any tearing in Darkness and im almost done with the game.

Yeah, i've been i've been on the CRT bandwagon for a long time now too, but i finally broke down and bought a 22' widescreen LCD. So far i can't think of a single category that i prefer my old CRT.

I'm about halfway through the game and i'm not seeing any screen tearing to speak of, and i'm definitely not seeing any framerate issues. Hell, even my black levels are really damn nice on this new monitor.

The game looks great, plays great, overall i'm pretty impressed. Starbreeze is turning out to be one of the better developers out there.
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