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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Volts front page "news"

Originally posted by StealthHawk
As I pointed out...the x-bit article says that "ATI admitted they cheated" or something like that. Volt was posting about the x-bit article, and he used the same words as they did.

Is that wrong? No. Is it irresponsible? Yes. Certainly I think x-bit is misrepresenting the news. But I think Volt is accurately representing x-bit's news.

The question is, "was this the right thing to do in this situation?" That is what the debate is about.
the debate is about the extra wording volt included in the news post...


Ahh, the moment I was waiting for *sarcastic laughter*. Looks like ATI admitted they "optimized" their drivers to achive higher scores in 3DMark03 *wink wink*

Yea right, I find that hard to believe somehow
volt did accurately represent the news but his additional text is what was raised as perhaps not being required...
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