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Originally posted by DaveW
This is why I don't post news anymore. The moment you post anything vaguely interesting you get spammed with criticism.

Let volt have his opinion, nobody says you have to agree with it, and nobody says a news posting without opinion has to be agreeable to everyone (there is no such thing).

News without any sort of opinion or comment from the poster is just boring to read, like its written by a google search engine.
I think thats what Pswine was stating though... feel free to post one's opinions with the article concerned.. but do so in a column or some other section... news is basically for the reader to read...

w/o the extra parts volt put out there... this discussion would not be about volt... which unfortunately it has become... but rather about the article itself..

btw posting news is fun it is something I enjoy doing (not on a fulltime basis though) and any criticism received (if warranted) ... well I just have to learn from it and move on...
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