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Default Re: Problems with twinview and opengl games

I use the "UseDisplayDevice" in order to get the login screen to show up on my primary monitor, and for that it works. But my dialog confirmation boxes always show up on the wrong screen as well as the full screen opengl problem. If twinview was just not capable of doing dual monitor successfully I was would accept that. But the idea that this works if the primary monitor is on the left but not the right is absolute crap. What am I supposed to do, buy a new desk to fit my video card? Searching through the thread history it seems this problem is rarely reported, and when it is there is never a suggestion by nvidia as to a possible fix. Some of the threads have suggestions in them by users that are basically hacks in an attempt to work around the problem. It makes me wonder if either very few people have their primary monitor on the right, or I am doing something incredibly wrong and just missing the obvious.
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