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Default Re: Anyone played a good MMO, recently?

Originally Posted by PaiN
I've been thinking about
The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar
wasn't really interested in it since its so much like WoW(which is dead and done for me) but reviews have been great.....I read that the best part of the game is leveling because its so written and fleshed out. I might just pick it up for something to play until fall when the "AAA" titles start to hit...LotR: SoA can't be worse than the crap that's out .....Lost Planet is junk, DiRT corruppted my saves after MANY hours of play , Halo2 is laughable and CoJ ....will Techland ever learn how to make a game???
Lord of the rings online is fantastic for the first 20 levels then it gets boring as hell. You pay more for repairing your gear and talents than you do for goods bought off the AH. I just becomes boring.

Originally Posted by Hambone
OMG I had to laugh. From this thread I get:
"The only good MMORPG is the one *about* to be released".

I actually paid for Vanguard (smuck), that's the last time I fall for hype.

And EQ2 a timesink treadmill? That's the core foundation of all MMORPG's. Give me a break!
The problem is EQ2 does not know when to stop with the grinding. They don't mix up the game at all. The game just plain sucks.
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