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Default Re: Problems with twinview and opengl games

Yeah, it definately works fine with primary on the left, but thats just not the way i work, and im not changing my whole desk layout/years of experience with it this way just to workaround a driver bug for some games.

I guess if this has been reported before without fixes then one isnt going to be forth coming, unless the work for xrandr 1.2 really sorts all this out (which is what i'm hoping) and lets the engineers get a chance to play with the twinview code some more. Hopefully the nouveau driver will get better quickly (it seems to be developing at a lightning pace) as i know they are taking the multiscreen/xrandr 1.2 stuff very very seriously. Just having multiple options for 3d drivers will be nice anyway, although all in all the nvidia produced one is very very good.

Added note, i have a suspicion the bug only exhibits in games that use the XF86Vidmode extension as oposed to the Xrandr extension to do resolution changes, which will be anything using sdl (from what dates i have no idea), and im not sure what newer sdl does in this regard. Wine for instance seems to do randr + wm hints for fullscreen, which actually is working well, but i dont know for certain the details of other apps. If i get some time i might write some test programs doing mode switching in a variety of ways, so we have a testbed we can work with on this.
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