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Default I am getting so tired of pests online

Just now, I got another one of these obnoxious jerks. So I'm leveling an alt on another realm in WoW (quest in zoram strand in ashenvalle, the alt lvl 19, and the mobs about 18-20). Minding my own business when this lvl 64 priest, comes running up from far away of me, and range shots the fricken mob I'm going after, for quest. It's not even like a lvl 64 could get something of benefit from a lvl 20 questing area either, other then pester the people who need to quest/lvl there... True, on my lvl 70 I have gone after furlbogs in Winterspring and stuff that give rep, but, zoram strand? I couldn't even be bothered skinning lvl 20 wolves, which is why my rogue now skins, and my hunter dropped it for enchanting. Just not worth it, from a time/money (pet food and arrows) standpoint.

And I wasn't the only person trying, with difficulty to do the quest there either. As this person just kept going around snatching kills right out from under people he ran into, who were actually trying to quest there...

Does it end there? No, as I go off in a different direction a bit of a ways from there; the person fricken then comes up in site of me, and again goes after a target, well I got credit on the second. Now I'm a lil annoyed, let them know I'm not happy about the stealing of my kill, and that I want to be left alone. Nope. The person continues, now it looks like stalking, and every fricken place I go, they keep walkign behind me.

So now I'm telling them I really don't want anything to do with people who take my kills, and all I really want is to do my quest in peace. But no, and after I put the person on ignore, the person continues their physical harassment (as defined by Blizzard's physical harassment policy). I finally have to threaten to report the jerk to Blizzard, with indication that their behaviour is a violation of the TOS agreement, to get rid of this dude.

Is it like I ever met the person before? Nope, as I said, alt on a realm I had not played on previously. I knew no one there, and that alt was created like last night or two on a completely new realm for me. My contacts with people were mostly in starting zones, where if anything I was minding my own business, having a friendly chat or 2 (never any that went sour on that realm prior to then), and helped answer a few questions for things some were asking about.

And it isn't like this is the first such encounter I've had with a-holes such as this person. And of course, in the midst of all of this; the day Gilthanas came to me on some alt I long since forgot even existed some half year earlier, it was people like this individual right here, that left me not much in the mood then to deal with people I didn't know; when I'm expecting more of the same. People like this, that I guess he knew little of, though the lesser gold begger did annoy him.

What the hell is it with some people? As if the beggers and those who constantly pester people for gold, instance runs, rushes, and even computer support questions (to the point complete strangers are putting one on friend's list, to continue pestering them everytime they relog); now one gets those who run up behind, will start taking one's kills. And then when one indicates they want to be left alone, resort to downright stalking. It's fricken creepy.... I'd like to be left alone (and certainly with people who go around doing that sorta thing with the unfortunate soul who happens to be in their path), means I don't want to be constantly stalked and pestered; and people walk off to a different general area of the spawn region for a reason, sheesh

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