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Lightbulb Tried and true HDTV 1080i settings?


I'm trying to output 1080i over a DVI connector, under Linux (nVidia 6150 card, 1.0.9631 drivers coming with Ubuntu 7.04), and I don't have much luck. I tried all the modelines on the Internet I could possibly find. X says it outputs the resolution, yet the monitor says it can't sync.

For comparison, a specialized set top box device that outputs 1080i on HDMI (using a HDMI-to-DVI convertor) works fine.

Does anyone know what the industry standard (i.e. 'official') modeline is (if there is one) for 1080i at 50Hz and 60Hz (for both America and Europe)? I.e. what is the set top box outputing that I can't output using the nVidia card?

Sorry for being blunt when I say this, but this is a "black and white" question. There are plenty of threads "trying to get this to work" already, and I don't want to start yet another one.

Side question: Some sources say the refresh rate is 60Hz, other say it's 59.94Hz. Which one is correct?
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