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Originally posted by Hanners
At the end of the day, nobody is cheating in the sense of what precision they are using, all that's happened is that both IHVs have chosen different strategies for their architectures, both of which have their good and bad points.
Actually that is exactly the same thing I'm thinking about the current "which-card-is-the-best debacle".

We arrived at a point where both leading architectures (R3x0 and nv3x) are no longer anyhow comparable. They seem to do the same thing in the end but they achieve it in two completely different ways much like Intel Itanium's 64-bit architecture compared to the AMD 64-bit Hammer technology.

It's no longer possible to compare them in a fair manner (same thing for Athlons an P4s). Both architectures have there advantages and disadvantages and it all depends on the task whether one or the other architecture will perform better.

This leaves us now with two conclusions.
* 3dmark03 can no longer be used to objectively measure 3d performance
* everybody needs to choose their hardware according to how well the games/programs they want to run perform on it, which basically leaves us with wait for Doom3, DX2 and HL2 to decide which card you want to buy...

I believe this is a very favourable situation for us customers, which didn't exist for a long time. We now have 2 strong performer on the market which will fight each other for the benefit of the buyer.

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