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Originally posted by Mike89
I just don't agree with you determining which thread you think is important or relevant. What's important or valid to you may be quite different from mine or anyone elses. So what if there's 8 different threads in the driver section if they're all addressing specific issues. (which the two were that you changed into posts).
but they were about the SAME driver version, had it been a different set of drivers it would have been fine. Also, I know you've been too busy complaining about your own threads to notice, but currently the official one is getting the most views, thus the most post, thus more people who may be able to answer you question.

I've have not seen any mod in this forum exercise the kind of discretion you are choosing to use (you are making it very hard for a person to post a specific issue that he want's addressed, that should be his call, not yours). I don't agree with it and am not very happy about it.
...and to compliment what Matt said, thats why we're the mods and you're not.
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