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Default Still nada

dumped to 3.2 which is the same as my rpm --query returned

I am pretty sure that the source is installed correctly. I ran the --query and sure enough kernel-source-2.4.20-13.8 .
I also ran the make oldconfig and it completed. I then ran the make dep and it completed with no errors. Then tried the .run and still nothing. nada. zip.

Couple of things I will mention.
1) I was running kernel-2.4.18-14 but upgraded. It still shows up in my rpm --query kernel but I thought that is just in the RPM database. Now that 20-13.8 is running I can probably remove safely.
2) When redhat detected a software change of my video card (or tried installing with the Asus v7100) it locked. So I installed with another card. Shutdown replaced the other card with the 7100 and told the autodetect to ignore the change. I wouldnt think that this would affect the compile.

Still confused
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