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Default G8* series has rendering problems with RenderAccel

Eclipse does not render correctly on at least the G80 and G84 if RenderAcel is enabled (the default). The problem does not seem to occur with the 7 or 6 series. I have observed the issue on all driver releases from 9755 - 100.14.11. You should be able to reproduce this on any 8 series card.

The problem is described here:

Screenshot is here:

To reproduce:
1. Install Java
2. Install Eclipse:
3. Start eclipse and close the splash workbench page
4. Create a new Java project
5. Create a new class
6. Trigger a warning marker icon by adding something like
public void blah()
   int x = 42;
7. After the method and a bunch of CRs so that the warning scrolls away.
8. Now if you scroll up and down, the icon will look like a white shadow. This happens with any marker icon in the editor (breakpoints etc).

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