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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Yeahk I've bought gold, so what. All you snobs who cry about it really need to give it a rest. It is a game. Also it is none of your business how people spend their money on games.

Also allow me to enlighten you about the so-called Terms of Agreement. This does not account for the fact that all MMOs allow gold farmers to a certain extent. It is good business for everyone. WoW has bowed down to the biggest gold farming firms on the net. Yes the firms force them selves on Blizzard and the other mmos but at the end of the day Blizzard is two faced when it announces it has banned all the accounts, yeah but they are the vast majority trial accounts and WoW is NOT going to stop handing out free trial accounts.

It is a big joke when Blizzard gets mad and when people get mad.
Well first of all how in Azeroth is Blizz handing out "free trial accounts"? AFAIK you only get the 10 day trial key when you buy the retail game, which isn't free at all.

As far as the Terms of Agreement, let me enlighten YOU for a change:

In section C, paragraph v. of the agreement "you agree that you will not buy or sell for "real" money gold, weapons, armor, etc...". How about that, Mr. righteous, god-fearing nVJoe?

And finally, you yourself have stated in your post that WoW is just a game. Now why in Azeroth would you go out and shell out real-life money for virtual currency in a game is beyond me.

May I suggest you learn2farm?
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